Girlfriend Experience

I host private sessions that provide intimacy, sensual therapeutic touch, and meaningful connections in a fun, relaxed and non-judgemental safe space. There are many reasons why people seek my services. Most I find are content with their lives but seek the occasional soft touch and companionship. For some others, they may have lost a part of who they are due to marital problems or divorce. Whereas some, may lack communication skills and struggle in understanding human social behavior, which can ultimately hinder their confidence when trying to establish a connection with another person. Every intimacy session I host, is a uniquely created space customized differently according to the client's needs. The bond I develop with each client becomes a sanctuary where they can escape and relax from the stresses and worries in their day to day lives, whilst feeling loved and cared for.  When I meet clients, I enjoy seeing how open and relaxed they become by the little things I do, like giving them eye contact, my full attention, positive affirmation and soft touch. I listen to their feelings, thoughts, ideas, goals and desires with an open mind and remembering to never place my interests before theirs. Most importantly, it's the gradual positive changes I see in them that makes me love what I do. I'm forever exploring and learning from them, curious by the way they are and how they came to be. I've also gained a broader perspective on human psychology and behavior through client's experiences. Whilst cuddling and listening to their experiences, it has also helped me to self-reflect on my own past and the present. The love I received from clients has helped me to overcome my own demons, and I know that personal things I have shared with clients has helped them also. It has taught me so much more in how I choose to love, care and show compassion towards others. These intimacy sessions I believe, can teach us so much about ourselves. It takes us on this inward journey of discovering who we are again and reminds us to be kind to ourselves, because often we forget to. I believe there is a need for this service, and even if people are only just reading or hearing about it, I hope it brings awareness to the struggles that many face in regards to deprived touch, intimacy and connection. I hope to see it become a norm for strangers to reach out to each other for that kind of love. 

OutDates & Overnights - The girlfriend experience doesn't have to stay only in my bedroom, I also offer date arrangements where we can go have dinner together in nearby restaurants  or even spend a whole night in each others company, theres no better way to fall asleep than in your lovers arms. 

Erotic Massage

Erotic massage is a complete head to toe relaxing experience, it can create extremely high levels of arousal and often ends with powerful full body orgasms. The key to my erotic massage is combining full body touch with arousing erotic touch. Erotic massage is a “taking turns” experience. One of us is in the role of Giver, the other gets to relax and focus entirely on being the Receiver then we can switch. Just like oral sex, taking turns allows us to sink deeper into the experience of both giving and receiving. While receiving erotic massage, there is nothing to do but focus on the sensations in your body. Erotic massage starts with a full body rub, this relaxes the body and primes it for full arousal. Once you are totally relaxed, I will begin building arousal with erotic stimulation. Using my hands to stimulate your body until you build up arousal and then use more full body touch to spread it out into full body arousal. When relaxed, erotic massage creates the experience of full body orgasm – as you climax you feel the arousal streaming through every part of your body. Many of my clients report the sensation of arousal streaming through their legs and arms and shooting out. give yourself permission to receive my full attention and you'll be surprised at how long you can sustain arousal and maintain erections, exactly how much arousal can you handle while receiving up to us to find out. 


I provide kink sessions and fetish services for anyone curious to experience flavors beyond vanilla. I am experienced in safe, sane and consensual Dom/sub play.  I have entertained all types of men of varying degrees of experience. Do you have a specific fetish you wish to delve into? Or do you seek to experience something new and stimulating? Perhaps you simply long to have a Mistress like me lead you to explore your darkest and wildest secrets and fantasies. I love nothing more than stretching the limits (and bodies) of those lucky enough to attract my time and attention. I truly appreciate the D/s power exchange and treat it as a way of indulging my dominant nature. I cherish the mental connection between me and my slaves – the most important part of having a fulfilling D/s relation, and take equal delight both in guiding the first steps of the curious novice, as well as in leading experienced players into the darker and more deviant recesses of the kink world. Submitting and handing me control of your body and mind can be freeing in the extreme. We can play lightly or go hard and heavy depending on your state of mind at the time. I am very conscientious in my role. You're safety & well-being is paramount to me. I will never risk your body or mind. But I will find its respective limits. I am only a dominant and do not engage in submissive acts.