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I am a kindhearted  young woman, with an easy laugh and an unpretentious demeanor. With boundless energy and enthusiasm for new adventures, I seek out a sense of adventure in my daily life. Despite my numerous cerebral passions, I am also an unabashed hedonist with a mischievous twinkle in my eye.

Often told I appear far more mature than my actual age (23), I am mature enough to enjoy youth on my own terms - you will find a young lady  who is comfortable and confident in her own skin. curvy with a toned hourglass figure, my measurements are 34C-30-40, and are complemented by a fantastic smile and wavy black hair. Embodying understated elegance with a seductive feminine edge, I lead a healthy lifestyle with a generous hint of extravagance.

I am incredibly tactile and love to indulge in the many pleasures life has to offer. My life is full, and I'm always looking for new experiences - which brings me to why I'm here. I love the variety this brings to my life: in my professional academic life I pursue my passions, and as a companion I pursue passions both cerebral and corporeal in nature. For me companionship is the best of all worlds, and I would love to share it with you.

Imagine your perfect evening in fabulous company. One man’s dinners date and night out at a delicious restaurant may be another man’s accompanied trip out of town (both sound amazing to me), but those who seek out my company all have one thing in common: a desire for authentic companionship. Whilst beauty draws in many, my time is best spent with those who appreciate a full-bodied romantic experience without the constraints of a traditional relationship. 

Whether you are foraying into this world for the first time or you have been here many times before, I invite you to join me to take a journey unlike any other you’ve taken. Often asked what types of people I want to see, the only way I know to answer is those who - no matter how much of the world they’ve seen or education they’ve acquired - are always looking to deepen their understanding. Take my hand: let’s explore together.

This is, of course, the barest of sketches. Truly the best way to learn about me is to arrange a date. Should you wish to fill out the picture beforehand, check out my twitter link below.